How to Disappear by Sharon Huss Roat

Social anxiety is real. Is debilitating, crippling, panic-inducing, and isolating and everytime the main character Vicky suffered through a bought of it, I felt her pain along side her. I’ve been that girl before, heck, even as an adult, I’ve been that girl. Unfortunately, Vicky doesn’t have a diagnosis but suffers through it and gets by with the help of her best friend, Jenna. Until Jenna and her family move to Wisconsin and she is left, literally, alone. Her mom brushes this off as being shy and like any well-wishing parent who doesn’t understand her daughter is sixteen, not six, encourages her to have play dates with kids from the neighborhood. She buys outfits she will never wear and tre

Piecing Me Together by Renée Watson

This book, very quietly, blew me away. It’s understated like the main character, but packs a huge punch and delivers authentic dialogue within its short chapters. It’s not told in verse but at times held that quality, showcasing the writing of Watson while getting to know Jade. Jade knows she has to work harder than her counterparts at her private school for white, rich kids, about an hour’s bus ride away from her hood in North Portland. She’s not afraid of a little hard work but she’d like some recognition for it once and awhile. She’s tired of being labeled “at risk” and given opportunities based on her address, not her achievements. She tutors, has excellent grades, good test scores, and

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