Sorry for Your Loss by Jessie Ann Foley

Sorry for Your Loss is Pup’s coming of age story. Every bildungsroman features a character that faces challenges, but Pup suffers more challenges than most. This poor guy is trying to discover himself while being the oops baby in the very large, working middle class, suburban Chicago Flanagan family. As the youngest of eight siblings (seven years separate him from his next youngest sibling), Pup has always felt loved but under the radar. The entire, huge family (the sibs, the sibs-in-law, the nephews and nieces) have Sunday dinner every single week. EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. Pup says family vacations are planned around Sunday dinner. In his seventeen years of life, Pup has never missed a Sund

Monday's Not Coming by Tiffany D. Jackson

Monday’s Not Coming tells the story of Claudia, who comes home from a summer away at Gramma’s house to find that her best friend is nowhere to be found. Claudia thought it was strange that Monday didn’t write over the summer (as was their tradition) but she figured there must be a good explanation. She’s disappointed to not see Monday as soon as she gets home but Mom convinces her to be patient since she’ll see her tomorrow on the first day of school. Monday doesn’t show. Claudia questions everyone - teachers, school officials, her parents, classmates; no one knows where Monday is and, even worse, very few people seem to care. Although she is forbidden to venture into Monday’s neighborhood

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