February 12, 2018

Tash is such a fangirl.  Her current obsession isn’t a fictional character from a novel or a hottie from a boy band or a mysterious loner dude from a CW show like you might expect from most fangirls.  Tash is in love with Leo Tolstoy, the dead author of famous classics.  His poster hangs on her wall (thankfully, it’s the one below, not the old nasty dude on the cover of this book).

Being in love with Count Tolstoy means she has read all of his books.  Her favorite is Anna Karenina.  She loves it so much that she and her like-minded, super-creative, uber-talented, BFF, Jack, decide to...

October 4, 2017

“Super hero icons meet megastar authors” is the tagline from the publishers of a new set of YA novels and Leigh Bardugo, of Six of Crows and Grisha fame, has the honor of being the first one published. Any self-respecting underoos wearing adult, as a child, of course, has fallen under the spell of the blockbuster movie of the same title, Wonder Woman. Bardugo allays any fear of needing to see the movie before reading her book, but I was glad I did just the same. Any background information I can get before diving into a new world can never hurt. 

Diana is just like any other normal t...

August 28, 2017

Look to the Stars. Aim. Ignite!  Welp, the totes adorbs factor is absolutely off the charts on this one.  It’s an absolute must-read for any boy, girl, man, or woman who considers him or herself to be a part of any fandom.  Is it predictable?  Well, duh.  But that’s more than okay.  Let’s look at the title and analyze the cover.  GeekERELLA.  A pumpkin (okay, it’s a food truck instead of a coach).  Girl in ball gown (wearing all-access pass to a comic-con event).  One missing shoe.  Could it be a Cinderella retelling?  You bet.  Is it unlike one you’ve ever read before?  Again, you bet....

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