March 10, 2019

Lia, now the Queen of Venda, has named Kazi (former street thief) a member of the Rhatan, the queen’s most trusted guard.  The Queen sends Kazi and other members of the Rhatan to the Cam Lanteaux to investigate reports of attacks on Vendans who are trying to settle there.  Although recent treaties have made it legal to establish residence in the Cam Lanteaux, Jase Ballenger and his family (think, Corleone family - mafia) didn’t seem to get the memo.  It might be more accurate to say that they got the memo but the Ballengers submit to no one’s authority but their own. See, the Ballengers have r...

September 5, 2018

In a world where angels and humans have been warring for thousands of years, a very important angel/prophet predicts that a time will come when there are two queens - the Sun Queen who will save all of mankind and a Blood Queen who will unleash the angels and destroy the world. In the prologue, Queen Rielle is in the throes of a painful and violent childbirth. When her daughter is finally born, the Queen thrusts the baby into the hands of seven-year-old, Simon (the healer’s son) and begs him to use his secret, special, half-human, half-angel time and space-time traveling powers to get the prin...

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