April 15, 2020

Just Breathe is gonna be the easiest book to sell. Did you like Five Feet Apart? Then here ya go. Yes, it’s more “sick lit”. Yep, like FFA, it’s Cystic Fibrosis. But that’s where the differences end. David has CF but his parents have always assured him that he has a “mild case” so he has always assured his friends (and himself) that it’s no big deal. He’s President of the Senior Class. He has a longtime girlfriend. He’s well-liked and charismatic. He’s got no time for CF. But he can’t pretend any longer. Turns out, there’s no such thing as a “mild case” of Cystic Fibrosis. When David finds it...

January 22, 2019

Despite the controversy over the portrayal of Cystic Fibrosis, the inclusion of almost every overused trope in YA lit, the archetypal characters, and the manipulation I feel over the way this book was published, I absolutely loved Five Feet Apart!  Do you feel like you’re getting mixed messages from me? I get it. And you will, too, after reading my review.

Stella and Will have one huge thing in common but they are as different as two teens can be.  They both are dying from Cystic Fibrosis and have been in and out of hospitals (more in than out) their entire lives.  Will’s mother has taken him t...

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