March 12, 2018

I can see why American Street was a finalist for the National Book Award for Young People’s Literature in 2017. It’s a familiar take on the immigration experience in that it shows the American Dream isn’t as easily achievable as it might seem.  What makes it different is Fabiola and her mother’s journey.

Sixteen years ago, when her mother was eight months pregnant with Fabiola, she traveled from Haiti to Detroit to live with her sister until the baby was born.  Fabiola was born an American citizen and then the two of them returned to Haiti. Flash forward sixteen years. Fabiola’s aunt has been s...

January 5, 2018

Cammi lives in Mexico City with her ultra-famous, gorgeous, Telenovela-actress mom and her voice-actor dad (he was Buzz Lightyear in the Spanish version of Toy Story).  On one hand, life is amazing for Cammi.  She is insanely rich, her parents are loving and fun, and her every want and need are attended to by a large staff.  On the other hand, it’s often difficult to tell which of her friends are true and which are only interested in her famous mother.  When Cammi’s mom gets an opportunity to co-star in an American drama that could eventually lead to her own spin-off show, she jumps at the opp...

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