September 26, 2018

I could not stop listening to this audiobook.  It’s 8 hours long and I finished it in a day because I.  Could not. Stop. Listening. If you like listening to podcasts, you are going to like this audiobook.  Period. In fact, if you like podcasts, you can actually listen to half of this book in podcast form. Let me back up.

Here’s the need to know background:  Sadie’s life has been difficult. Mom has never been much of a mom.  A heroin addict who is always looking for a man to take care of her, she gives birth to Sadie but a kindly neighbor, the grandmotherly, Maybeth, does more to raise...

November 13, 2017

I love saying to students, “You’ll love this book! It’s about this girl who gets kidnapped.” And, then we both look at each other, feeling awkward about getting book nerd excited about someone who was kidnapped. But they truly make for some tension-filled and compelling stories that they love. Amy Chelsea Stacie Dee gives you that plus some added creepy factor. 

The story begins with Amy showing up at her childhood home after being kidnapped six years ago. She’s not sure this is the right thing to do, but she doesn’t have a choice. Her reunion with her mom, her home, and her old bedroom are t...

October 10, 2017

Flynn’s life is about to change and not necessarily in a good way. He’s had a bit of a week, realizing that he probably is gay and therefore, not attracted to his girlfriend, January. Not that it matters since she broke up with him a few weeks ago and he hasn’t heard from her since then. The last time Flynn saw her was at the barn on her new stepfather's estate.  Now, coming home for the night, he is greeted by the police asking if he knows where January is. She didn’t come home the night before and might be missing. Knowing January has a flair for the dramatic, Flynn thinks maybe she just ran...

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