April 22, 2020

May survived the day she hid in the closet of her band room at school. Seven other people didn’t, including her twin brother, Jordan. Her brother, the one with almost perfect SAT scores, the genius of the family, the one her father pinned all his hopes on, gone in seconds, and she hid like a coward. It’s a day May relives over and over again, and the guilt she has for being a survivor, one of the Lucky Ones, is too much to handle. Her guilt has morphed into pure anger- she’s been kicked out of school and homeschooled for a bit. Now she’s starting a new one where she’ll see old classmates from...

February 22, 2019

Bri Jackson’s family is struggling HARD.  Her mom, Jay, is an eight-year recovering drug addict and she just lost her job.  Her older brother, Trey, is a college graduate without a “real” job who has to work at the local pizza joint for money.  Jay can’t apply for food stamps because, apparently, you can’t get food stamps if you’re taking college classes?? (btw, is that really a thing because if it is that is MESSED UP).  The family has to decide which bills to pay, like do we want heat or do we want to eat? This is how talented a writer Angie Thomas is, despite how hard this family is struggl...

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