September 27, 2017

Set in the summer of 1992, just a few short months before the Rodney King verdict and LA Riots, in the seedy underbelly of LA’s streets, City of Angels paints a not so pretty picture of the town where dreams are made. Nikki, a runaway from Chicago at age seventeen, is quickly learning that picking up a guy at the bus station probably wasn’t the best idea she’s had. But, she followed Chad to LA and finds herself in the middle of some serious trouble. The kind that can get you killed- or worse. She’s in the home of a big shot Hollywood director who wants her to be the star in a film. Against her...

September 8, 2017

This book was emotional and raw and unfortunately, doesn’t offer a new premise to YA readers. BUT you should still read this, preferably when you are in a melancholy sort of mood because there isn’t a lot of happy in this book and the payoff is at the very end. Get sad, invest some time, grab a blanket and start reading. Why, if this isn’t anything new, should you read this anyway? Because it is exceptional in its portrayal of grief. The writing and emotional growth these two characters experienced were almost cathartic for me to read, and I have zero experience or connection to the type of pa...

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