May 12, 2020

Jo Kuan is the gorgeous girl on the cover and she’s got a lot going on. She was just fired from her job at the milliner’s making hats (her passion) so she is forced to work as a lady’s maid to a truly awful girl her own age. She secretly lives (and has always lived) with an elderly Chinese man (her adoptive father) in an abandoned cellar beneath the home of the local newspaper man and his family (which includes his clever teenage son). And she’ll go to any lengths to discover the true identity of her parents whom she has never known.

When she overhears the newspaper man and his son discussing t...

September 30, 2019

I adored this book. I laughed a ton, I got a little teary, and my heart broke a few times for this loveable character. Wyatt’s got a big heart and a big body that he’s not always proud of, but he’s also okay with it. Unless you are comparing him to his older brother, football quarterback and town star, Brett. His body fat is non-existent, he’s a town god, and is on track to make his mark until his arm gets severely broken in a game against cross-town rivals. One year later, Brett is back and ready to regain his team and one of his starting blockers happens to be his little brother, Wyatt. Wyat...

September 5, 2017

Ramona Blue, you guys. Wow. This book blew me away. Julie Murphy navigates her fully developed characters through many, many issues and completely fleshes them out (the characters and the issues). You know. Kind of like life. Amazing. In addition to the incredible, perfectly packed storyline and winsome characters, Murphy’s turn of phrase had me highlighting my eBook right and left. Here are a few of my faves:

“You were like my own Peter Pan,” says Freddie. “I thought you would never grow up and that you’d always be this constant fixture on the beach, challenging other kids to races in the sa...

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