February 5, 2020

The totes adorbs factor of this cover is OFF THE CHARTS and fits one aspect of this story very well.  However, the cover is tricky in that it gives you the impression you’re about to read a fun and flirty rom-com.  Although there definitely IS some of that, Yes No Maybe So also gives readers lots to think about in regards to politics, religion, and the downside of going viral.  

Jamie Goldberg is a proud Jewish boy with strong convictions and a desire to run for political office someday.  Unfortunately, Jamie is infamous for stumbling over his words and doing embarrassing things....

July 1, 2019

Hannah and Emory have been best friends living just 36 steps from each other since forever.  That friendship status changed three months ago when Hannah betrayed Emory’s trust and didn’t defend Emory during the biggest crisis of her life.  This resulted in Emory saying the kinds of things to Hannah that you just can’t take back. In the absence of Emory, Hannah has her faith, her involvement in her church/school’s semi-famous a capella group, and a burgeoning (although inappropriate) love interest.  In the absence of Hannah, Emory has her boyfriend (Luke), her theater friends and passion for th...

January 5, 2018

Yes, another ARC! Don't need to wait long for this to be in our library either- its release date is January 16th! Come see me if you can't wait that long. 

Identity is and always will be a HUGE topic of interest for teen readers, heck even some of us much older than that can still relate. It's written in a million different ways, but my favorite YA trend right now is diversity. For the record, it pains me to say that diversity is a trend, but in all honesty, the YA world was sorely lacking good writing and stories in this area. Thanks to writers like Mitali Perkins, Erika L. Sanchez, and S...

October 24, 2017

Yep, I knew I was going to like this one before read a single page when I saw a quote from Lin-Manuel Miranda’s famous “Love is love is love” speech he made the night after the Orlando nightclub shooting, as one of the opening quotes. That made my heart happy, and so did this story of Tanner and Sebastian. Feels. I have lots of them in the afterglow of this book. Having read a handful of Christina Lauren’s ‘new adult’ genre books, I was intrigued to see how they would translate to the young adult audience. Success!

Tanner Scott knows he’s bisexual, it’s not a passing phase but kissing boys is...

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