Nina O'Daniels

Shannon Grieshaber

Created in 2017

October 11, 2017

Wild Beauty is a gorgeous book, saturated in every color imaginable with lush flowers and beautiful gardens as the backdrop to this story of the Nomeolvide daughters. The writing is fluid, imaginative, gorgeous, and seemingly effortless. For over a hundred years, the Nomeolvide girls have been living on La Pradera land, owned by the wealthy Briar family, making the land come to life with their gift of growing flowers in exchange for letting them live on the land. They make these flowers grow from their own hands. But this gift comes with a price. For generations, the woman of this family suffe...

September 12, 2017

Goals and dreams get you places. Determination, grit, perseverance, intelligence, and sometimes a few bribes, shady deals with shady characters, and a debate partner involved in computer hacking, gambling, and other petty crimes help move along those goals. Tanner McKay didn’t plan for any of this to happen; he just wants to win Nationals, so the coaches at Stanford notice him and pave the way for a scholarship. It’s just him, his mom, and his younger special needs brother, Sam and there is no way his mom can afford to send him to college, so he has to earn it. He caught the eye of Bannerman P...

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