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We Are Okay by Nina LaCour

Sigh. THIS BOOK. This beautiful, beautiful, little book. I absolutely adored it. My only complaint is that I wish I would have saved it for a snow day where I would have read it in front of a roaring fire. Marin is alone. Her grandfather, her only family, is dead. He died two weeks before she was scheduled to leave for college. Immediately after his death, Marin left town. No word to her best friend, Mabel, or Mabel’s mom and dad (who have always been like surrogate parents to her). Since Marin’s disappearance, Mabel has sent hundreds of texts and emails. She’s called hundreds of time. Marin won’t answer. She can’t. She’s not the person she was before her grandpa died. She started her life all over again in NYC - as far away from California as she could get. Away from memories of her grandfather, away from information about her long-dead mother, away from Mabel. Now, it’s winter break. Marin has nowhere to go. Everyone on her college campus has gone home for the holidays. She’s all alone in her dorm with only the campus caretaker there to look out for her. Mabel is coming to visit for three days. She doesn’t give Marin the opportunity to say no. Marin knows she will be forced to tell Mabel everything that happened those last weeks before she left. And telling will change everything again. The loveliness of LaCour’s writing hurts. I felt Marin’s loneliness and pain. And I cried great, big, fat tears during the heart swelling ending. On a superficial note, this book is gorgeous. The size is just a bit smaller than the average-sized novel and there’s a rough texture to the cover’s material. The cover artwork is perfect and so lovely that I find myself staring at it and petting it and it makes me so happy I read the hardcover as opposed to the eBook or audiobook. This is a book that I must add to my personal library. When snow is forecasted, be sure to swing by the library to check out this book. I think I’ll be giving We Are Okay a reread when that day comes.

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