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  • Grieshaber

Spinning by Tillie Walden

I have definitely decided that my favorite way to read a memoir is in graphic novel format. Tillie Walden’s memoir is about her childhood spent at the ice skating rink and an exploration of feelings she remembers from that time. So many feelings. Stress about skating and the relentless practice schedule (4AM practices - omg), resentment against the sport and against her parents for being uninvolved and seemingly uninterested, fear of falling on the ice and of coming out of the closet, uncertainty about wanting to quit skating and whether or not to go to college. Although many readers won’t have had her experience on the ice, all will empathize with Tillie’s growing pains. The art is well done, simple, and easy to follow and pleasing to the eye with a palette of white, yellow, and shades of deep purple. The most memorable part of this book was in the author’s note where Tillie (born in 1996) mentions “finding the pictures from my childhood iPhone.” My. Jaw. Dropped when I read that line. Childhood iPhone! Wow, do I feel old. Definitely the first time I have ever heard that phrase!

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