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One Dark Throne (Book #2) by Kendare Blake

Originally intended as a duology, the success of Three Dark Crowns has prompted Kendare Blake to write two more books in this series, but she is quick to say that she ends One Dark Throne as intended, she just gets to write more! I’m still on the fence as to how I feel about it because, dang that ending! But you better believe I will be reading the next two. A short amount of time has passed when the story opens after the craziness of the Ascension, and all three Queens are still alive. With each faction struggling to keep their Queen in the lead, so to speak, this book quickly turns pretty dark. Katharine is the most changed since the Ascension, no more the weakest of the three, she isn’t the same since crawling her way out the Breccia Domain. She’s popping poison berries like candy and very open in her intent to kill her sisters. The other two are still struggling with the events and near deaths. Arsinoe continues to hide her secret and Mirabella is no longer the sure winner everyone once thought. I can’t give too much more away about this book but it was riveting, and the actions of the three sisters were, for the most part, what I expected. Some twists and turns, and even the death of someone, all culminate to an ending that deserves more. So, yeah! Kendare is writing more! I listened to this the second time around and was extremely pleased with the flow, something that took me a bit longer to get when I read the first one. While not a fantastic audio, it was exactly what I needed to love this series even more.

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