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The Go-Between by Veronica Chambers

Cammi lives in Mexico City with her ultra-famous, gorgeous, Telenovela-actress mom and her voice-actor dad (he was Buzz Lightyear in the Spanish version of Toy Story). On one hand, life is amazing for Cammi. She is insanely rich, her parents are loving and fun, and her every want and need are attended to by a large staff. On the other hand, it’s often difficult to tell which of her friends are true and which are only interested in her famous mother. When Cammi’s mom gets an opportunity to co-star in an American drama that could eventually lead to her own spin-off show, she jumps at the opportunity. When Cammi and her parents move to LA, Cammi also jumps at opportunity. When the kids at her new, expensive, private school assume she is just some Mexican immigrant attending school on scholarship, she decides to let them continue thinking that. It’d be nice to live under the radar for a while. As Sir Walter Scott said, “Oh! what a tangled web we weave When first we practise to deceive!”

The Go-Between is a cute, quick, and easy read that gives a light-hearted and superficial look into the immigrant experience from the eyes of a privileged Latina. Perfectly appropriate for middle school but will appeal to older teens, too. Excellent audio.

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