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Thunderhead (Arc of a Scythe #2) by Neal Shusterman

*Release date is January 9th!

Mrs. Grieshaber and I were fortunate enough to attend the ALAN Workshop held in STL this year, in November, wherein we received over 60 books from publishers! Yes, I said 60. Within our huge pile of books were a handful of ARCs. These precious beauties are unpublished books, a few months away from being released. When I found Thunderhead in my pile, I knew I wouldn't be waiting too long to read it. If you haven't already read one of the most interesting, different, thought-provoking novels of last year, stop reading this and read the first book, Scythe. Seriously, stop reading this and go! If you have read it and want a quick, spoiler free review of Thunderhead- keep reading.

Holy cantaloupes, that ending is a doozy. Like, I can’t even wrap my brain around it except to shout out “Sharknado!” That will make so much more sense after you read it. Some time has passed since we left newly appointed Scythe Anastasia, and she is making her mark in the Scythe world with her way of gleaning. Instead of an instant gleaning, she allows the person one month to get their life in order, say goodbye to loved ones and choose the method of the gleaning. Unorthodox but still ethical and within the Scythe guidelines. Rowan, with a year of immunity, is taking it upon himself to rid the world of Scythes who abuse their power, choosing carefully and stealthily. He wears black robes and calls himself Scythe Lucifer. Scythe Faraday, still presumed dead to the world, takes it upon himself to do a little research. His goal is to find the Land of Nod, a mythical island that may or may not exist.The Thunderhead is still ever present, its ruminations and explanations of the how and why of its existence explain plenty, but its isolation from the Scythedom may not be such a good thing. Lots of new characters as well as some appearances from the first book. The constant change of POV allows the reader to enjoy the characters (or hate them!) even more. It continues to be one of the most original and thought-provoking stories I've read. I would love to get into details, but so much happens in here that could be a spoiler, I just can’t. Just understand that if you think it’s going to happen, it probably will even if you don’t want it to. Again, the ending is crazy and I honestly have no idea where Shusterman is going with this series (at least the start of the third book), but I cannot wait. Except, I’m going to be waiting about a year. Sigh.

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