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The Lovely Reckless by Kami Garcia

Don't forget, author Kami Garcia will be at West High on Tuesday, February 13. Check this link for more details!

There’s just something about a bad boy that makes most good girls go weak in the knees, but one with a heart of gold too? It’s like Kryptonite.

Frankie is a stranger to bad boys and most bad things in general. She grew up in the Heights, a swanky upper crust neighborhood where the kids all drive new cars, show up to their private school with their hands full of Starbucks, and attend galas for charity. Frankie used to be like that, but she hasn’t gotten over the brutal death of her boyfriend Noah, only three months ago. He died in front of her, beaten to death, and she can’t help the police because she can’t remember the face of the person who did it. Feeling helpless and lost, Frankie uncharacteristically gets behind the wheel of her car drunk and gets pulled over. Her ‘never a hair out of place mom’ doesn’t know what to do with her outburst because that would involve actual parenting, so Frankie is sent to live with her rule following, undercover cop father in the Downs, the complete opposite of the Heights. Monroe is a far cry from her prep school in the Heights, but she’s ready for a change. But when she locks eyes with local drag racer and bad boy, Marco, she isn’t prepared for the connection. Nor the fight that breaks out right in front of her. This just didn’t happen at her last school. Frankie and Marco share one class together, and the attraction between the two is palpable. She never quite felt this way about Noah, he was more of a best friend turned boyfriend, and the intensity is confusing but exhilarating. When their paths cross again at the community center she works at after school for community service, she slowly starts to realize there is more to Marco than meets the eye.

Fans of Kasie West, Katie McGarry, and Simone Elkeles will love this story of star-crossed lovers, Frankie and Marco. Their romance will have your heart beating but so will witnessing the demise of their relationship just as it gets started. Don’t worry, my HEA friends, you’ll be smiling at the end. Cruz and Lexie are amazing BFFs that support both Frankie and Marco, with interesting secondary stories that could easily lend themselves to a companion novel or two!

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