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Furyborn by Claire Legrand

In a world where angels and humans have been warring for thousands of years, a very important angel/prophet predicts that a time will come when there are two queens - the Sun Queen who will save all of mankind and a Blood Queen who will unleash the angels and destroy the world. In the prologue, Queen Rielle is in the throes of a painful and violent childbirth. When her daughter is finally born, the Queen thrusts the baby into the hands of seven-year-old, Simon (the healer’s son) and begs him to use his secret, special, half-human, half-angel time and space-time traveling powers to get the princess to safety. Simon acquiesces even though he hates Queen Rielle and all that she’s done. An angel named Corien shows up, there’s a huge burst of light, screaming, Simon loses control of his travel magic, and he and the princess are separated. End Prologue. Woah. That’s quite the opening. Chapter One begins Rielle’s POV, two years prior to the events of the Prologue. Two years prior to her becoming queen and marrying King Audric, Rielle is a friend of Prince Audric and his betrothed, with the power to control fire (Rielle unintentionally killed her mother by fire when she was only four years old). When a strange occurrence during a race puts Audric (with whom Rielle is secretly in love) in mortal danger, the rest of her powers and magic are revealed. The King is convinced that Rielle is the one the angel foretold - but is she the Sun Queen or the Blood Queen? A series of grueling magical tests will decide. Chapter Two begins the novel’s second POV, over one thousand years after the events of the Prologue. Eliana is known as The Dread of Orline. She has the secret power of instant healing which comes in handy in her role of a forced assassin to the Empire. It is her job to kill every Rebel. Eliana is burdened by the guilt of her murders but she’s gotta do what’s she’s gotta do in order to feed her mother and little brother. Aside from hunger, Eliana’s greatest fear is that her mother will be kidnapped like so many other of the women in the kingdom. When her greatest fear comes to pass, Eliana and her brother leave with The Wolf (by force, not by choice) who swears he can help her find her mother. But only if she helps him.

Check out these amazing character cards, created by artist, Kate Trish:

What follows is an action-packed adventure that will have readers turning the pages to discover what in the world could possibly make Rielle turn into a murderous queen, what will become of Eliana, why are women being kidnapped, what’s the deal with the human/angel war, and many other questions. Unfortunately, very few of these questions will be answered. It’s gonna be a long wait until book two. Teens that love the following series, will like this one, too: Throne of Glass, anything from Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse, Graceling, and The Orphan Queen.

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