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Hope Nation edited by Rose Brock

How am I just now learning about Dr. Rose Brock?? She’s a self-professed “Audiobook Evangelist” (same, girl, same), a professor of Children’s & YA Lit and “library stuff,” and co-founder of the North Texas Book Festival (a bucket-list event for me). I’m her latest Twitter follower and I can’t wait to continue to be inspired by her. My first time being inspired by her was when I read (listened to) Hope Nation, her collection of essays written by the best of the best YA authors.

Dr. Rose Brock with some rock star YA authors

I mean, how cool are you, Dr. Rose Brock, standing here with Libba, David, Jason, Alex, Brendan, and Gayle??? #fangirlgoals

I’ve read two books recently, published specifically in response to this new era where political activism has spiked and negativism and anxiety are on the rise. One of these books is How I Resist: Activism and Hope for a New Generation. I found it to be heavy on the activism and anti-Trump sentiment and very, very light on the hope (I do recommend that book to liberal teens who want to get even more fired up than they already are, lol). The other book is Hope Nation and it delivers what it promises. So. Much. Hope. Dr. Brock says Hope Nation is about “inspiring [young] readers to fight for hope in their own lives and doing good.” Each of the rock star YA authors that contributed to the collection donated their stipends to the charity of their choice. Spread the hope! Hope Nation reminds us of the power of words and the words in these essays written by each of these authors are absolutely inspiring. Whether it’s Libba Bray telling us the story of her car accident that nearly killed her and left her forever changed (how does she tell this story in a way that makes me laugh??? Oh, the power of Libba Bray), Julie Murphy’s story of overcoming homelessness her senior year of high school, or Alex London’s story of being a closeted gay teen at Prom, or any of the 20 other stories in this book, they will all make you feel like you can do it - whatever “it” is.

I HIGHLY recommend you listen to this book. The stories are delivered by ELEVEN different narrators, some being the best in the field (Bahni Turpin, Michael Crouch, Kate Rudd, Macleod Andrews, Rebecca Soler, January LaVoy - omg!). If you still haven’t jumped on board the audiobook train, Hope Nation would be an excellent choice to help you get started. The stories are super short and will easily be able to keep your attention.

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