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2020 Reading Wrap-Up

  1. The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes by Suzanne Collins

  2. A Promised Land by Barack Obama

  3. Beastie Boys Book by Michael Diamond and Adam Horovitz

  4. Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer

  5. Crescent City by Sarah J. Maas

  6. Saga (series) by Brian K. Vaughan

  7. Watch Over Me by Nina LaCour

  8. Like a Love Story by Abdi Nazemian

  9. The Gravity of Us by Phil Stamper

  10. Catch and Kill by Ronan Farrow

What a year for reading! My biggest takeaway is how surprisingly difficult I found reading to be during the stay-at-home orders caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. I mean, it should have been a dream situation for me (other than living in a world plagued with a deadly virus, obviously). I couldn't go to work; I couldn't leave the house; I couldn't have people over. Welp. Nothing to do but read. That's the dream for a reader, right?? But I couldn't focus. I'd sit down to read and my brain would just whirl or I would pick up my phone to check Facebook and the latest news. Logging into Goodreads, I would watch myself fall further and further behind on my 2020 Goodreads Reading Challenge but I couldn't find the motivation to catch up. But catch up, I did. And it was audiobooks to the rescue, for sure.

My goal for the year was 150 books. That's the lowest my goal has been since 2012 when it was only 90 books (in 2013, the goal jumped WAY up to 170 - it was my first year on the Gateway Readers Award Committee...). Anyway, after not achieving my goal in 2019 (163/175), I decided to go lower. Since I surpassed my goal this year, I'll challenge myself a bit more in 2021.

Some other fun stats:

  • 40 books rated 5-stars (26%)

  • 83 audiobooks (53%)

  • Marked my 2,000th book Read on Goodreads in October

  • 7 rereads* (not including the Harry Potter series, which I reread every year)

A final note. Remember how I felt I struggled to read during the Stay-at-Home orders? That period was roughly mid-March through May, about 12 weeks. Turns out, I read 34 books during that period. Guess I did okay, after all!

How was your reading in 2020?

* Rereads: Dear Justyce, Red at the Bone, Raybearer, Red White & Royal Blue, N0S4A2, Aurora Rising, Moxie


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