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Camp Valor by Scott McEwen and Hof Williams

Did you finish Netflix while on quarantine? Need something to wake you up? Camp Valor will do just that and it's on the Gateway list for the next school year (hint: get a head start on the list!). The premise is simple: pluck smart but slightly shady kids out of the juvenile system and send them to Camp Valor. They spend the summer learning the skills of bomb-building and defusing, shooting, surviving an attack, computer hacking, and jumping out of a helicopter all to help the United States Government take out the bad guys. The goal is to have these teens infiltrate and possibly assassinate targets who won’t be looking for someone so young to be an enemy. It’s intense, both mentally and physically. For Wyatt, a kid who used to be on the honor roll but has taken up some bad habits of late, it’s a way out of jail for a crime he didn’t commit. His arrival at Camp Valor is somewhat unorthodox since the camp has already started. He’s determined to make the best of his new situation and knows it won’t be easy. If you can’t hack camp, you get sent back to where they found you, but only after you take a pill to wipe your memory of its existence. Wyatt thrives at Camp Valor even though it’s the hardest thing he’s ever done. The summer is almost over before the campers’ skills are put to the test- some of it’s staged and some not. Sorry, have to keep it a secret though ;). This is a wild ride of the hellish trials the recruits at Camp Valor endure. Not to mention one of the most disgusting, seriously gross, bad guys that I’ve read in a long while in YA. Kudos to making a truly unique (again, totally nasty) bad guy that made it easy to dislike him. There are many predictable moments, but the twists keep coming up until the very end. This will be perfect for fans of the Boy Nobody Series and reluctant readers alike.

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