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Summer Reading!

Summer is here! Let's get our minds off of the uncertain times and onto the most wonderful time of the year for reading. Throughout the season, O'Daniels and I will be posting reviews of what we're reading. For now, enjoy these sources; they'll help you start building your TBR!

If you're not familiar with Modern Mrs. Darcy, it's time to change that. Every year, she releases a guide to summer reading and it is magical. Not only does she give you a healthy TBR, she also gives you inspiration (like "5 Ways to Get More Out of Your Reading Life") and opportunities (book club, podcasts, etc.). The guide is also GORGEOUS and makes me want to start reading immediately.

Modern Mrs. Darcy's Summer Reading Guide

I linked the SRG above but you can also go to the website and have the guide delivered to your email inbox. Below are her book recs but trust me, you want to download the entire guide.

Modern Mrs. Darcy's Summer Reading Recommendations

My next source is a duh, I know, but it's just so good and also easy on the eyes. It's Goodreads' Summer Reading guide, of course.

link to Goodreads' Summer Reading guide

I've already read the two books I was most excited for (Beach Read by Emily Henry and Aurora Burning by Kristoff and Kaufmann - both AMAZING, btw) so I'm looking forward to pouring over these sources to find my next must reads!

How about you? What are you most excited to read this summer?

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