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Teen Killers Club by

How do you pass up a book with a title this creepy surrounded by bubble gum pink background? Obviously, I didn’t. Signal, a Class A criminal in jail forever for killing her best friend, is headed to her new home. Can a camp for the worst of the worst teen criminals be considered home? She’s not sure, but it’s the only hope she has toward her freedom because she didn’t kill her best friend. In fact, she doesn’t even remember what happened that night. Teen Killers Club doesn’t hide much in the name- it’s a government-run project that takes really bad kids, trains them to kill really bad people, and controls their life until they die. Better than jail? Signal isn’t sure, but there’s no turning back now. The training is a mélange of physical strength (there is a nightmarish obstacle course) mixed with the ‘how to hide a dead body’ kind of skills. Signal isn’t really good at any of it, and it’s obvious to some in the group she lacks the ‘killer’ instinct they have because they’ve actually killed people. Even knowing this, she’s drawn to the quiet but strong Javier, but there’s also Erik’s interest in finding her friend’s killer. His charm is intoxicating and hard to resist. Her main goal is to survive the group's dynamics and the training, but things take a turn when it’s obvious someone wants them dead, and they are attacked at their camp. Dave and Kate, the adults who run the camp, decide that it’s time to expedite things and that the kids prove their worth. Each is given a partner and a person to kill, based on their strengths. Seeing this as her only chance to prove her innocence, she switches targets with someone else, putting herself into more danger than before.

Okay, I’ll admit for a few chapters I was not happy with where I thought this story might go at this point. BUT I’m glad I stuck with it because it came around full circle and was so much fun to read. Believable? Not even for a hot second, but definitely entertaining. Lots of excitement in the second half of this book but none that I can reveal. Audio is narrated by Jessie Vilinsky who is quickly becoming one of my favorite YA female voices. In fact, I'm listening to another book by her now ;).


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