Gut Check by Eric Kester

I adored this book. I laughed a ton, I got a little teary, and my heart broke a few times for this loveable character. Wyatt’s got a big heart and a big body that he’s not always proud of, but he’s also okay with it. Unless you are comparing him to his older brother, football quarterback and town star, Brett. His body fat is non-existent, he’s a town god, and is on track to make his mark until his arm gets severely broken in a game against cross-town rivals. One year later, Brett is back and ready to regain his team and one of his starting blockers happens to be his little brother, Wyatt. Wyatt doesn’t even know if he likes football and isn’t even sure how he made the team, but it’s the only

A Heart In A Body of the World by Deb Caletti

I didn't have many five star books this summer but this was a no brainer. An under the radar book for me, Deb Caletti has written a story that forced me to reflect on just about everything I’ve ever done as a teenager and well into my twenties, specifically as it pertains to the opposite sex. This reflection isn’t forced or shameful, it’s necessary. And so very riveting. How can a book about a girl who just runs be riveting, you ask? Trust me, it is. Annabelle has been through some stuff, to put it mildly, and quite frankly it's not going well. She’s tried to keep up her smiles, her perfect grades, her test scores, her friends, but the Taker is lurking. After an innocent stop to grab dinn

That Night by Amy Giles

That Night reads like a realistic account of what life must be like for the survivors of mass shootings. While Jess was at the concession stand getting candy for her best friend, Marissa, the gunman entered the theater and shot down 18 people, including Jess' brother (Marissa watched him die). Jess basically lost her mother and Marissa that day, too. Her mother's grief is so all-encompassing that she no longer works, pays bills, cares for her daughter, or gets out of bed. Marissa's trauma was so complete that she is sent to a private school out of state. Jess is left with her own guilt and grief as well as the responsibility of caring for herself, her mother, their home and bills, etc. Luc

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